How to Fix a Chipped Windshield

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How Does Windshield Chip Repair Work?

3 Steps to Fix a Rock Chip in your Windshield

Step One

Bring your vehicle to Apex Glass and a trained technician will assess the damage.

Rock chips can be repaired as long as they are smaller than the size of a loonie. They must be located on the clear part of the windshield, not along the black border.

Step Two

After the technician’s assessment, you will provide your insurance papers. If your vehicle has comprehensive coverage, Apex Glass will handle the entire claim process for you free of charge

Step Three

If your rock chip can be repaired, our technician will clean the area, apply the adhesive resin and cure it with UV light. Once this process is complete, they will sign off on the form and you’re all ready to drive away with your fixed windshield.

All in all, this entire process only takes 15-25 minutes

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