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Double Pane Glass Replacements

Replace + Repair Broken Windows

Cracked, Broken, or Foggy Window Replacement

Foggy Windows?

If your home suffers from foggy windows and excessive condensation we can help! With double pane glass replacements we can replace only the glass – leaving the rest of the window intact. This is a cost effective and easy solution that will brighten up your home. Stop living with foggy windows that always look dirty.

Our double pane glass window replacements are available with low E coating or obscure glass options which helps to increase the energy efficiency and privacy of your home. To ease your mind our double pane sealed glass units come with a 10 year warranty. Book your free consultation today!

Broken Window?

Did a puck or baseball hit your window? Need a quick replacement for your double pane window? We have you covered. Give us a call and book an appointment for a free consultation.

During your consultation we will come to your home and measure the replacements and provide you with all your options. Once your new double plane replacement glass is ready our expert team of installers will make sure your home window is repaired quickly and correctly. The typical turnaround time for sealed unit replacement is 1-2 weeks. Call today for a free consultation!

Repair Broken + Foggy Windows

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Auto Glass Replacement & Windshield Repair in Ladner

Auto Glass Replacement & Windshield Repair in Ladner

Professional Sealed Glass Replacement

Quick + Easy Window Repair

Our team of professional glass repair specialists will make sure your window is replaced quickly and correctly. By just replacing the glass and not the window frame we can quickly repair foggy windows or broken double pane glass windows. Apex Glass team members take care of the places they work. We always make sure to clean up everything we bring with us. This helps to ensure your home is nice and clean for your brand new sparkly window!


Jim and his crew at Apex are true professionals. They replaced 8 windows in our Delta home for a great price and I recommended their services to my parents as well. They were also impressed. The spotless cleanup after the job was awesome. Back for more services soon.

– Jodie B.